Well as you’ve probably guessed my blog is all about us teenage girls and our confessions, well mine to be exact, being a teenage girl myself and not the ones who look like tarts with their skirts up round their backsides,faces orange so they look like they’ve been tangoed. I’m just a normal girl, what you see is what you get with me, I’m not drop-dead gorgeous, nor am i plain ugly I’m inbetween and I’m fine with that. My blogs will be about the hard hitting truth of a teenager who is outcasted and different from the ‘normal’ or ‘typical’ teenagers.

Anyway on to business… I may as well start with my day, school’s just school as you would say  it’s not terrible but it’s not fantastically great either. The only thing that makes school bareable is your friends and your best friends, i mean what would you do without them? They are literally almost everything to you from someone to talk to and have a laugh with to a person who you can confide and seek comfort within, especially when it comes to crushes and boy troubles.

I suppose the boys at school aren’t that bad looking it’s just the way they act especially this one boy in my year, bless him he is sweet and everything but if he fancies you or falls in love with you- you’re in trouble! he is literally a stalker and will not leave you alone he’ll follow you everywhere almost like your shadow which is annoying, trust me he fancies me at the moment and will not cease to annoy me- or stop asking me out for that matter I don’t think he understands the word No which is what i’ve been saying to him everytime he asks me out it’s annoying that he won’t leave me alone, but what is stressing me out even more than this is I’m totally in love with this guy, everyone says he likes me too but if i go to talk to him on facebook or MSN I get ignored. I mean seriously all I’m trying to do is talk to him and it’s like he’s just blanking me, if this is guy code for ‘I like you but i’m just going to ignore you because I’m playing hard to get’ then you should seriously re-think your tatics for girls, maybe just telling the girl you like her or having the courage to ask them out would be good because the more you ignore the girl you like the more probability she will think you don’t like her or ‘hate’ her she may become uninterested and go after someone else and you’ve just lost her then, I think i’m going to end this blog here i’ll hopefully post a new one soon! Love to you all byeeee ❤